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Okay, you’ve toured our exhibits. You’re inspired. You’re stoked. You want that thrill to linger well beyond your visit. Then take a piece of the Science Center home with you.

Our Gift Shop’s got science kits, educational toys, tech games, “green” merchandise, tons of books and DVDs, custom souvenirs and apparel, Hartford- and Connecticut-themed items, plush toys, and gifts for your home, office, family, friends and relatives. And don’t forget something for yourself.

Keep in mind a significant portion of every purchase directly supports the Science Center. So the more you shop in Hartford’s most unique storefront, the more you’re helping advance the mission of the Science Center. So, thanks for that.

Gift Shop Hours: 11 am to 5:30 pm

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For answers to questions about any items, merchandise availability or for gift recommendations, call: (860) 520-2170