Vacation Exploration Camps

Kids have FUN on school vacation at the The Connecticut Science Center! Campers in grades 1-6 will experience hands-on science enrichment through fun and engaging activities. Camps include structured activities with our STEM Educators, as well as supervised free time to explore the Science Centerís galleries and exhibits.

We offer Day Camps during school vacation as well as week-long programs in the summer. Each Camp's theme helps develop science concepts, guiding campers to greater understanding of science material and its application to the real world. Kids can explore a different science theme at each camp!

Camp Description

Monday, January 19, 2015 (MLK Jr. Day): Operation Launch

Is there a difference between a catapult and a trebuchet? What makes the best projectile, and how far can you launch a marshmallow? Discover the complexity of some extraordinary mechanical gadgets as you investigate the science of launching, flinging and slinging.
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Camp Descriptions

Friday, February 13: Amazing Animals

  • Why do animals live in certain places? How do they survive in the wild? Meet some of our LIVE animals with astonishing adaptations! Experience how different animals eat and sense their surroundings; you will even create your very own critter.

Monday, February 16: Fabulous Foods

  • Have you ever been told not to play with your food? At Fabulous Foods, we will bend those rules! Design tests and investigate the chemistry of candy and explore the exciting properties of milk. We will even make instant ice cream using an unconventional method!
    NOTE: Campers will have the opportunity to consume ice cream containing half & half, vanilla, and white granulated sugar. Please let us know in advance of allergies, and if substitutions are necessary.

Tuesday, February 17: Tinker Time

  • Are you fascinated by how things move? Do electronics amaze you? During this Maker Space camp, you will take apart everyday items and reassemble them in your own way to create a unique mechanical device. Investigate electrical circuits as you design glowing pictures and sculptures.

Registration Fees:

  • $57 per day for Science Center Members and Corporate Members ($62 on or after March 15)
  • $60 per day employees of businesses in downtown Hartford ($65 on or after March 15)
  • $63 per day for non-members ($68 on or after March 15)

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Camp Descriptions

Monday, April 13: Dinosaurs!

  • Do you love dinosaurs? Stand inside a dino footprint to see just how big they really were. Travel through different time periods as we dig for fossils to piece together these amazing creatures. You’ll also meet life-sized dinosaurs in our NEW traveling exhibit, Extreme Dinosaurs!

Tuesday, April 14: Innovative Engineers

  • Ready, set, create! Be an extraordinary engineer as you design and build devices to attack a series of problems. Get creative as you construct a mechanical arm that can lift objects, design a boat to transport materials, and make a car that protects an egg in a crash!

Wednesday, April 15: iSpy 2.0

  • How good are your spy skills? Use science to navigate a laser maze, make invisible ink, and decode secret messages. Whether you missed our sold-out iSpy summer camp, or want tocome back for NEW spy action, this camp is for you!

Thursday, April 16: Junior Meteorologist

  • Learn how meteorologists predict and report the weather. Investigate the science behind extreme weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. Create your own weather instruments to take home, and even learn from the professionals when a WFSB meteorologist visits camp!

Friday, April 17: Code Wizards

  • How do electronics come alive? Dive into the world of programming with logic games that get at the heart of coding concepts. Unleash your creativity to make your own computer code. Watch as your code guides robots to tackle exciting challenges. Whether you are new to programming, or already know the basics, this camp will guide you down the path to becoming a code wizard!

Registration Fees:

  • $285 per week for Science Center Members and Corporate Members ($310 on or after June 21)
  • $300 per week employees of businesses in downtown Hartford ($325 on or after June 21)
  • $315 per week for non-members ($340 on or after June 21)

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Camp Descriptions

July 20–24, 2015: Astronaut Academy

3, 2, 1…blast off! Take a trip to outer space in our Discovery Space Lab. Learn how astronauts live in space, build a remote-controlled rover to explore Mars and collect samples, and investigate the dangers of space debris. You’ll even build your own rocket and launch it hundreds of feet in the air!

Please note: there is a $12 fee per rocket.

July 27–31, 2015: How to Train Your Robot

Gear up for robots! Explore the ways we can teach robots to use sensors to interact with each other and their surroundings. Both new and experienced programmers will team up to create and train robots to complete a series of exciting challenges. Construct your very own robot to take home at the end of the week!

Please note: There is a $30 fee per robot. Due to high interest, we are expanding our robot week to include campers up to 13 years old.

August 3–7, 2015: Surviving Science Island

Do you have what it takes to survive being stranded on Science Island? You will once you’ve become an experienced Camp Scientist! Find materials that support basic needs like food, water, and light. Build a shelter to face an oncoming hurricane and learn to navigate using the stars.

Aug 10–14, 2015: Science on the Big Screen

Roll out the red carpet…for science! Be an inventor like Gru in Despicable Me. Test the aerodynamics of your broom to see if it matches Harry Potter’s Firebolt. Step into The LEGO® Movie and become a master builder. Learn how the professionals create special effects and showcase them in your own movie clip.

August 17–21, 2015: Eureka! Famous Scientific Discoveries through Time

Have you ever wondered how modern science and technology came to be? Get inspired by the great minds of scientists who influenced the world through their experiments and inventions. Travel through time as we recreate some of the world’s most fascinating scientific discoveries, from astronomy with Galileo, to physics with Archimedes, to chemistry with the Curies.

Thank you for your interest in our Vacation Exploration Camps! Here’s some logistical information to make your Camp experience even more amazing.

  • When: We offer day camps during school vacations (December, February, April) and week-long camps during the summer. Check this web page often to see upcoming camp dates and themes as they are added throughout the year.
  • Drop off: Campers should arrive between 8 and 8:45AM.
  • Pick up: Please pick up your child between 3:30 and 4PM.
  • Extended Care: We offer affordable after care from 4 to 5PM. The cost for after care is $10 per child for Science Center members and $15 per child for non-members.