Sight and Sound Experience

Welcome to a world where you can feel sound and hear light! In the Sight and Sound Experience, you’ll get moving and make some noise.

  • See how sound waves move at Visible Vibrations.
  • Become a superstar DJ at the Beat Machine.
  • Pop bubbles, play a tune and more on our Interactive Video Floor.
  • See how many real musical instruments you can name in our towering musical instrument sculpture.
  • Create a masterpiece of light at the Light Paint Box.
  • Pose and see yourself from all angles at Freeze Frame 360.


  • Clear Channel Radio 92.5, 95.7, 105.9
  • Edgemer Foundation
  • Haggett Longobardi, A Division of J.H. Cohn, LLP
  • Halloran and Sage LLP